Pro-life majorities continue in NC General Assembly, but without a super majority. The US Senate is still in Republican control, but the US House is now in the control of Democrats who support abortion on demand.

After the General Election on November 6, 2018, the NC General Assembly remains in the control of pro-life majorities, but those majorities are not a super majority needed to overcome Governor Cooper’s expected veto of pro-life legislation.  In the US Congress, the Democrats have retaken the House, but the Senate still remains in the hands of the Republicans.  Several senate race in other states are still being determined so whether the Republicans will have a 51 or 53 majority is unknown at this time.

In NC, all 10 pro-life congressional candidates won their races.  9 incumbents were reelected with newly elected Mark Harris (R-9) [who defeated pro-life Robert Pittenger in the primary] besting Dan McCready (D).

The reelected pro-life incumbents are: George Holding (R-2),  Walter Jones (R-3), Virginia Foxx (R-5), Mark Walker (R-6), David Rouzer (R-7), Richard Hudson (R-8), Patrick McHenry (R-10), Mark Meadows (R-11), and Ted Budd (R-13).

For a list of the State Senate winners and losers, visit the NC General Assembly website by clicking here.

For a list of the State House winners and losers, visit the NC General Assembly website by clicking here.

You can reach the State Board of Elections’ web site from either one of the above links on the NC General Assembly list of winners and losers for the State Senate and House.

All the judges on our voter guide lost.  The NC Supreme Court is now even more activist than before.

The State Board of Elections has a tally of all the races on the state level. Click here to reach their General Election Information page.

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