You can help the unborn babies win on Election Day!

The outcome of the General Election on November 8, 2016, will determine the direction our state and nation will take to protect life from conception until natural death.  By voting FOR pro-life candidates, the most vulnerable will have the best chance for their lives to be protected.

Please check back this NCRTL PAC web site prior to early voting to see who North Carolina Right to Life PAC supports.

In the meantime, you can visit this page to view comparisons of the major presidential candidates as well as the major candidates for the US Senate for North Carolina.


The state had changed its voting laws requiring photo id, beginning in 2016, but a recent court decision has invalidated the law. This link will take you to the NC State Board of Elections’ website to read about what the court has done and what parts of NC law are now NOT enforceable..

The NC State Board of Elections’ website has information to facilitate voting by answering frequently asked questions, providing sample ballots and lists of one stop voting sites, plus much more. Click here to reach their General Election Information page.


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