We did it! Pro-Life Majorities at the State and Federal Levels

With your help, the majority of our pro-life candidates were victorious on November 8, 2016.

1. Pro-life Donald Trump and Mike Pence defeated pro-abortion Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine for President and Vice-President

2. Pro-life Senator Elect Richard Burr will continue to be the next U. S. Senator from North Carolina and the U. S Senate will be controlled by a pro-life majority, although not a filibuster proof majority.

3. Our pro-life candidates for Congress George Holding (R-2), Walter Jones (R-3), Virginia Foxx (R-5), Richard Hudson (R-8), Robert Pittenger (R-9), Patrick McHenry (R-10), Mark Meadows (R-11), and  Ted Budd(R-13) were elected or re-elected. The U. S House remains controlled by a pro-life majority which has seen its strength increase with the election of more pro-life members to its ranks.

4. Unfortunately, pro-life Governor Pat McCrory lost re-election,  pro-life incumbent LT. Governor Dan Forrest won re-election.  Pro-life Dale Folwell won election as State Treasurer and pro-life Mike Causey won election as Insurance Commissioner.  Pro-life Steve Troxler won re-election for Agriculture.

5. 31 of the 35 (89%) NC Senate candidates supported by NC Right to Life PAC were victorious.  For the NC House, 72 of 79 (91%) candidates supported by NC Right to Life PAC were elected.

6. All of the candidates (100%) for the NC Court of Appeals NC Right to Life PAC supported were elected: Phil Berger Jr., Richard Dietz, Robert N. Hunter Jr., Hunter Murphy, and Valerie Zachary.  Unfortunately, Bob Edmunds lost his bid to be re-elected Associate Justice to the NC Supreme Court and that loss shifted the balance on the court.




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